After School

BBYO offers free after school OST (Out of School Time) programs to children in a number of elementary schools in Brooklyn.


Lights On for Afterschool

Lights On for Afterschool

We understand that after school isn’t just an extension of the school day, it’s a time to have fun too! Our programs are fun and educational to supplement what students learn in school. We have group activities that help develop social and emotional skills, dance and martial arts instruction, an inter-after-school sports program- we’ve even had a genetics experiment where students cultured their own bacteria!

We also provide opportunities for kids to step outside of what they might be familiar with. Students go on field trips around their community to learn about where they live and interact with their neighborhoods. Local senior centers always enjoy visits from our students!

11 Things To Expect From Our OST

  1. Academic assistance that includes homework help and project-based learning
  2. Stimulating activities that complement the school day curriculum
  3. Regular engagement in fitness, sports, dance and arts and culture
  4. Weekend Discussion which will help children with public speaking
  5. Experienced, well-trained, and committed staff members
  6. Positive peer and adult interaction
  7. Facilities that are licensed, safe, clean and well-maintained
  8. Opportunities for parental feedback and input
  9. Strong connections with the local community
  10. Field Trips and exploration of other New York City communities
  11. Healthy snacks or supper provided daily
  12. Promotion and fostering of intergenerational relationships