PS 207

@ P.S. 207
4011 Fillmore Avenue
Brooklyn, NY 11234

To learn more or get involved call
Site Director Michelle Taylor
@ 718-531-6600

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At P.S. 207 COMPASS we realize that ” it takes a village to raise a child”. As part of that village (community) that has daily contact with children, we strive to make a positive and lasting impact on each child. Each day with a nutritious, hot snack. After that, the
participants are split into groups by grade level and given a full hour to
complete their homework, with the counselors standing by to help them
should they need it. Each day, after eating and doing homework, each group
takes part in two enrichment activities. The activities vary every day and
include things such as organized sports, leadership development, science,
junior achievement, Kids’ Lit., Fun with Numbers, Russian/Foreign Language,
and Healthy Living. In addition, the program is runs for the full day on
select days that school is not in session. During full day programming the
participants experience a day camp setting and go on various field trips in the
Brooklyn area.

Arts& Crafts: The children create, design, color, and draw.

Organized Sports: The children play basketball, baseball, and various games such as steal the bacon, and relay race.

Character Ed: Grade 4&5 students learn through games and role play about peer pressure, etiquette, good character, kindness, and respect.

Geography: Children go on an education adventure around the country and the globe. They learn fun facts and information about the United States, other countries, and continents.

Science: The students learn about the environment, animals, and nature.

Junior Achievement: An elementary school programs are the foundation of its K-5 curricula. Six sequential themes, ach with five hands-on activities, as well as an after-school and capstone experience, work to change students’ lives by helping them understand business and economics.

TADA!: Music & Theather program that teaches coreography and active skills. The end result is that the children wilil perform in a Broadway style production.

Music & Movement: Children are introduced to rhythm and melody. Grades 2&3 are also introduced to musical techniques through the use of recorders ( flute-like instruments) and learn simple tunes.

Math-a-thon: Grades 4 & 5 have an opportunity to have their mathematical skills enhanced in conjunction with what they are learning during the school day.

Kids Lit: Grades k-1/ 2&3 build essential reading skills. The children read stories and then answer questions, create art projects, or create their own alternate ending.

Chess: Grades 4& 5 learn basic skills for playing the game of chess and will have an opportunity to play in a chess tournament.