PS 251

Summer Camp 2013
P.S. 251
1037 East 54th Street
Brooklyn, NY 11234
Contact Directors: Ruth Myers @ 917-538-5567

Thank you for visiting Bergen Beach Youth Org. at P.S 251. At P.S. 251, we engage our youth with activities that strengthen their ability to achieve their goals by providing curriculum that is geared towards making learning FUN! The students are lead by mature role models that know how to bring out the potential in each student. The activities that are offered at P.S 251 COMPASS are music (keyboard), Basketball, Soccer, Chorus, Dance, Arts &Crafts, and academic activities that are hands on fun base of what is taught in day school.



Educational Enrichment 

To complement the school curriculum and affect the proficiency level of the participants, we have implemented an educational enrichment component, inclusive of the following activities:

  • Hangman-  teams are made to  develop spelling abilities
  • Math Jeopardy- teams are made and game is played to strengthen basic math skills
  • Reading Time- participants read aloud to strengthen reading and comprehension skills
  • Writing exercises- participants are to write in “journal” style on various topics (e.g. “ten things you like about yourself”)
Recreation & Sports 
Team sports are introduced (basketball, baseball, football, soccer), as well as individual sports (tennis).  The team sports sub-component is to develop individual physical skills, as well as encourage team-building and sportsmanship.  The individual sport (tennis) is to introduce participants to one of the more popular world sports.
Dance Fun/Movement/Music 
Participants are lead in choreographed dance exercises developing physical coordination and movement. All dance/movement exercises are set to various music. The Talent Search activity is designed to allow the participants to express themselves musically, through dance, singing and creative movement. Our musical instruction component is to introduce and enhance the instrumental interests of participants; we have introduced piano instruction, with the intention of offering instruction with other instruments. Musical Chairs is an activity to enhance rhythm movement and timing. Musical Rehearsal is an activity to enhance the musical performance skills of the participants.
Arts & Crafts 
Materials offered from the organization are used to engage the participants in creative arts and crafts exercises. Self-expression is encouraged as well as respect for the materials.

Improvisational exercises are conducted to develop individual self-expression on stage, and general stage awareness.  Creative expression is encouraged to further self-exploration.

Interactive Exercises 
Exercises, such as “The Hot-seat”, are conducted specifically for self-exploration and group dynamic relationships.

Board Games 
Popular board games, such as Monopoly, Connect Four, Candy Land, and Checkers/Chess are presented to the participants, not only to engage them, but also to bolster competitive spirit, improve basic skills (reading and math), and support group interaction.