“Soccer Made Simple”

As part of the BBYO family we are here to support your child’s growth in the sport on and off the field. Coach Hernan has put together “Soccer Made Simple, Understanding the Rules” and fun videos from YouTube for all of us to learn from.

Following the rules of the game below will be links to several YouTube videos to share with your child.

Lesson# 1          

JR/INT. & PELE: Please watch the first 5 videos before next practice and next  week’s game.  Please watch the remainder by the following week.

START SMART: Please begin to watch videos throughout the next 3 weeks… However begin to review rules of the game.

The goal is a fun lesson plan to help understand the game better. These or similar lessons plans will be shared throughout the season in addition to any from your coaches in the event there is no practice or game.

         Soccer is a fast paced game with players constantly competing for control and possession of the ball, position of field play, timing and space to make the most effective use of it. Often the key determining factors in how well players receive and control the ball and how quickly and accurately the ball is delivered to them by their team mate (good passing).“Develop Good Habits” comes from practice with the ball, working to the point you feel comfortable… Using the right terms “Pass, Control, Dribble, Shoot…Score!!” and correct reinforcement from coaches and parents will help us KICK AWAY bad habits. So understanding the rules is critical & we ask that you go over them with players to help everyone understand the game!


“Soccer  Made Simple”

The Rules of the Game

          When the ball is in play the rules of soccer are fairly simple. You cannot touch the ball with your hands or arms intentionally unless you are the goalie. You cannot foul another player or be offside (these soccer rules are described below). Other than that, the main rules of soccer are around the starting and stopping of play.

The Starting and Stopping of Soccer Play:    At the start of a soccer period or after a goal, there is a kick-off from the center circle. At the kick-off all of the soccer players must be on their side of the field (the side they are defending). Only the player kicking the kick-off is allowed inside the center circle. After the kick-off the ball will be in play until the ball goes out of bounds or the referee calls a penalty.

NO HANDS! Only the goalie can use their hands. The definition for hand ball is any part of between your fingers (including nails) to your upper arm. Your shoulder is actually legal to use!

Throw-in: When the soccer ball has gone out of bounds, the team that last touched the ball loses possession and the opposing team gets to throw-in the ball from the point where the ball crossed out of bounds.   When throwing the ball, it must be thrown from behind and over the head using both hands. When the ball leaves the thrower’s hands, both of his/her feet must be touching the ground.

Corner kick: When the defending team last touches the ball and it crosses the goal line (and not scoring a goal), the opposing team gets to pass the ball from the corner of the field.

Goal kick: When the offensive team last touches the ball before it crosses the opponent’s goal line.  The goalie gets to distribute the ball from the goal box. Ball must leave goal box before it can be touched by a player.

Penalty kick: When a foul occurs in the goal box area, the fouled team is awarded a penalty kick.
Offside Rule:  The offensive player is offside if they are nearer to the opponent’s goal line than both the second and last opponent and the soccer ball.

Out of Bounds: Out of bounds occurs when the ball completely crosses over the boundary line.

Soccer Fouls: Soccer fouls can be any number of unfair actions taken by a player that are called by the referee. These can include tripping, pushing, and touching the ball with the hands. Free kicks or penalty kicks may be awarded to the opposing soccer team. Very unsportsmanlike behavior may result in a yellow card or a red card. Players that get red cards are ejected from the game.

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