Soccer Update! 9/26/16

Hello Parents!

Hope you are all as excited as we are to begin playing league games & really get the season started!

If any parents, relatives or family friends are interested in being an assistant coach or ref, they must attend a mandatory meeting.

Start Smart’s coach/ref meeting will be held on Wednesday 9/28 @ 6:45pm– right after practice

Pele & Jr/Int.’s coach/ref meeting will be held on Thursday 9/29 @ 6:45pm– right after practice. 

These clinics will be about 45mins-1hr. 

During this clinic, Coach Hernan will be discussing the following:

Rules of the Game:

-what players must know

-what is expected of a coach

-how to handle issues and concerns on the field

-grievance and appeal



-mandatory equipment to play

-what to do in case of an emergency

It is essential that all head/ assistant coaches and refs attend this clinic so everyone on the field can be on the same page.

Hope to see some of you there!